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Gastric Bypass Surgery and Gallstones

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Gallstones
Gastric Bypass Surgery and Gallstones

If you're considering - or if you've already undergone - gastric bypass surgery then you need to be aware of the possibility of gallstones. Studies present that up to one third of gastric bypass patients will manufacture gallstones following surgery. And they're most likely to occur in the first year.

It seems that very low-calorie diets (like you have after gastric bypass)  don't bear enough full to cause the gall bladder to contract and empty it's bile. If the gallbladder doesn't contract enough to empty it's bile, gallstones can beget.

While some patients may form so-called "calm" gallstones that cause no symptoms (and therefore can be ignored), symptomatic gallstones execute their presence painfully known.

It often starts with a detestable injure at the top of your stomach, sometimes off to the lawful, that can radiate all the scheme around to your wait on. This distress happens when you eat and it is intense! You can also experience a burning, acidic feeling in your stomach.

Sometimes there is nausea and vomiting. But these don't always seem to produce the hurt go away. In fact, afflict medication may not even obtain the hurt go away. Nor does changing your situation.

Once you've had a serious gall bladder attack, you will not want to experience another one. So often, the only thing to do is to have the gall bladder removed.

In the past, gall bladder surgery was a major ordeal that required a hospital conclude. Today, it can be performed laparoscopically and is often an outpatient plan.

If your gastric bypass was also performed laparoscopically, chances are your doctor can spend 1-2 of the same incisions when removing your gall bladder. My gain surgery had 5 minute incisions, 2 from my previous surgery and 3 unique ones.

Recovery is nothing like your gastric bypass surgery. But you will want to give yourself several days to assume it easy.

After your gallbladder is removed, you may peer changes in what you can eat. Many gastric bypass patients experience dumping more often and on more foods than they did before the second surgery. And you can often experience a burning sensation when your pouch is empty. This is due to increased acid production in glands that are now closer to your stomach (since the gall bladder is no longer between them) .

You may also see that you can no longer tolerate some foods that were exquisite before having your gallbladder removed. It can be a lot like the days when you were first build on solid food as you gingerly try novel things to gaze how your body will react.

The excellent news is that you can live without your gall bladder. Once you bag customary to the foods you can tolerate after having it removed, you can continue on with your efforts to meet your gastric bypass surgery goals.


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