Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bladder Stones in Men

Bladder Stones in Men
Bladder Stones in Men

Bladder stones are formed by exiguous minerals that are created in your bladder. They grow when the urine turns into concentrated, which causes the minerals in it to crystallize. Hence, the crystallized urine can often be the result of the inability to empty the bladder. This may be because of enlarged prostate.

They can be "composed" - not causing any symptoms until they are surprisingly found during tests for other health problems. However, when the signs occur, they can vary between blood in the urine to abdominal injure.

The smallest ones can sometimes pass by their natural map through the urine, but in other cases they ought to be removed by a surgeon. If they are not corrected, in time they can cause more serious problems.

What are the causes of bladder stones in men all

Usually, they initiate when the bladder does not empty completely. Crystals could do from your urine which is left, that eventually will become bladder stones. Most commonly some other condition can affect the bladder`s ability to empty fully. Some of the conditions that can influence a formation of bladder stones are:

- Enlarged prostate. When the prostate is great, it can interrupt the urine hotfoot by compressing the urethra, thus causing the urine to quit in the bladder. This can lead to bladder stones in men.

- Damaged nerves. Nerves steal, generally, the messages from your brain to your bladder muscles, telling your bladder muscles to release or tighten. If they got damaged, the bladder may not empty fully.

- musty bladder wall.

What are the risk factors of bladder stones? 

The condition is celebrated among children in the developing countries - usually because of dehydration or infection, but in other places they occur mostly in men. These factors have a tendency to increase the risk of the condition:

- Your sex. Bladder stones produce most often in men.

- The age. They generally occur in people above 30 years archaic. On the other hand, younger people can also be affected by the condition.

- Bladder outlet obstruction. This refers to any condition that does not allow the urine to amble from your bladder to the uretha (the tube in which the urine flows out of the body) . Enlarged prostate is probably the most popular cause.

- Neurogenic bladder. Various problems that can harm the nerves which control the functions of the bladder are: herniated disk, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson`s disease, stroke.


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