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Causes and Symptoms of Bladder Infections

Causes and Symptoms of Bladder Infections
Causes and Symptoms of Bladder Infections

Cystitis is caused by infection to the bladder, which is also known as inflammation of bladder. Occurrence of bladder infections is more in women, and this might be because of a shorter urethra. Short length of urethra gives easy access to bacteria to enter into the bladder. Such infections should be attended to immediately. Sometimes, people suffer from these infections repeatedly. If superb medical care is not given in the proper time, this may lead to kidney infections. Kidney infections are serious and may lead to permanent kidney hurt. In the elderly, the infections to the bladder are difficult to diagnose. Many symptoms come by masked by the aging. So, older people need to pick up checked for infections frequently.

Causes Bladder infections are caused by some strains of E.Coli which live in the gut of human beings. Women are more susceptible to this infection after sex. If birth control methods are obsolete through diaphragm, they are more susceptible. Because of the presence of the birth control plan on the diaphragm, urine from the bladder does not secure emptied completely. This stagnant urine is infected easily, and bacteria multiply faster. Even pregnant women, whose bladders are compressed due to the growth of the foetus, are prone to these infections.

In men, an infection to the bladder may be an indication of an underlying disorder. This indicates that something is obstructing or interfering with the urinary tract. spend of catheters may also be a cause of infection as the improperly maintained catheters can cause infections.

Sometimes, the symptoms are shown in people without an distinct infection. This is called interstitial cystitis and is difficult to treat.

Symptoms· The most accepted symptom that is shown in almost everyone is the burning sensation during the process of urination· There is a frequent run to urinate· defective odour and strong smell accompanies the urine· Spasms in the bladder· In the elderly, lethargy or mental non-focus can be an indication of a serious infection· If your kidneys are infected, the symptoms can be quite serious and are shown by chills, fever, afflict in the abdomen and blood is found in the urine

You need to be aware of the symptoms mentioned and should consult the doctor if the burning sensation lasts for more than a day. If you leave bladder infections untreated, they may lead to serious conditions. Call the doctor if urination is accompanied by afflict, fever, blood in the urine, chills, abdominal or aid wound and vomiting. These are indications of life-threatening kidney disease, kidney tumour, prostate infection, urinary tract stone or a bladder tumour. If a discharge from the vagina or penis accompanies the burning sensation, then it is an indicator of a sexually transmitted disease or some other serious infections. Consult your doctor immediately in such cases and if the injure during urination is persistent, or if you feel wretchedness in urination.


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