Friday, February 1, 2013

Cause Of Bladder Infections

Cause Of Bladder Infections
Cause Of Bladder Infections

A majority of bladder infections are caused by fecal contamination, since bacteria are usually found in the intestines and the skin around rectal and vaginal areas. After bowel movements, if one wipes from wait on to front, the bacteria from the rectal plot have a well-behaved chance to come the urethra. Therefore, lack of profitable hygiene can be the single most considerable cause of bladder infections.

In such cases, the bacteria solely responsible for the infection is E. Coli (Escherichia coli) . These bacteria pass on through the narrow urine canal that connects the outside rectal region to the bladder and cause the infection. Bladder infections are great more well-liked in females than males.

There are many other ways for the bacteria to collect into the urethra as well. For example, sexual intercourse causes the bacteria in the vaginal set to be pushed into the urethra, which then causes irritation in the bladder. Frequent rubbing of the vaginal site and wearing tight clothes can also lead to bladder infections.

Holding your urine for long periods can also result in the bladder getting infected. Frequent bubble baths can also cause irritation of the vaginal status in females. The vaginal place should be kept shipshape and dry, and prolonged exhaust of nylon underwear, wet swimsuits or even tight jeans can cause infection

Sexual positions that irritate your urethra or bladder can lead to infections. A few lubricants can also cause infection. Also, lack of favorable hygiene among males and females during intercourse can cause the bacteria to enter the vagina.


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